Tempered Glass Screen Protector tempered-glass-screen-protector
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2 Times Shatterproof 3D Curved Case Friendly for S8, S8 Plus

Case friendly version , fit with all types sizes phone cases
Each glass comes with Installation tray, easy to instal
9H scratch and impact resistance
Edge Static Pressure Testing : 23-25 KGF
Super – responsive touch sensitivity
Colors : Black , transparent

Products Destails
1. Glass Thickness: 0.33 mm
2. Glass Material Asahi Glass
3. Curving Technology Heat bending
4:Glue OCA glue/Double-sided Tape Layer
5:Adhesive Strength 3500G
6:Glue Thichness 0.1±0.01 mm
7:Anti Explosion Film Thickness 0.075 mm
8:Distance between dots: 1.3 mm
9:Diameter of dots 0.04 mm
10. AF Test >3000 under 500g pressure (Steel Wool Ball)
11.Droplet Angel 100° ~ 115°
12. Tempered Time A: Heating Tempered Oven: 2H
B:Tempered Time: 4 ~ 6Hours
13. Tempered Temperature: 380 ~ 400℃
14.AF Oil Dakin 5‰
15.Day Capacity /Machine/day ≈1800pcs