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shenzhen xuanchuang technology co. LTD.
Shenzhen Xuan chuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology precipitation for many years, engaged in 2.5D/3D/ hot bending / toughened film / protective shell. From design, research and development, production, processing, marketing, high-tech enterprises. Adhering to the development concept of "quality, specialty, innovation and service", the company continues to increase the investment in product research and development, based on the industry solutions, constantly innovating and enriching our products and services to provide customers with high quality and efficient full range of services. We stick to the problem of thinking from the perspective of our customers, and use the leading interactive strategy to break the rules. We firmly believe that every successful project is the result of good cooperation. We think and innovate together to help customers find the best interactive solution to the target audience. Strategy, marketing, creativity, experience, value.

Main products:

2.5D/3D/ hot bend / toughened glass protective film and protective shell.

Company competitive advantage:

we will launch new products 3-4 months earlier than the market.

Company team:

at present, there are B2B foreign trade team and production and processing base.

Team size:

the number of foreign trade personnel.